Bunderra Suffolks

Bunderra farm is a Suffolk Sheep breeding stud that produces high quality breeding stock in Kyneton, Victoria.

We are passionate about our animals, soils and whole farm eco-system, so we utilise regenerative agricultural methods to ensure both our Suffolks and soils are healthy and happy.

Our aim is to produce high quality Suffolks that are well structured, docile, and adaptable to the variable Australian climate.

Suffolk Sheep

At Bunderra we raise Suffolk sheep for their breed hardiness, eating quality and good looks.

All our sheep are raised & finished on pasture and handled in a stress free environment to ensure they are happy, healthy and well used to human handling.

Our flock is well handled and can be easily moved with a bucket of feed, our children feed them regularly and they are accustomed to human interaction.

Our rams are also of good nature and selected for size, structure and docility.

Bunderra is a registered ASSBA stud, Flock No. 2298, and member of the Suffolk Sheep Breeders Association of Victoria.


Here is a selection of photos from around the farm.
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Why Suffolks?

We fell in love with Suffolks years ago when we moved to Kyneton, Victoria.

We needed a breed of sheep that was well adapted to our changeable climatic conditions, wet and cold in the winter, dry and hot in the summer, and Suffolks ticked all the boxes.

They have great feet for coping with wet soggy conditions in Winter and they have a clean crutch and points which has proven to be great in summer to guard against flystrike.

Suffolk meat is tender and flavoursome, so its great for the home butcher, and they mature quickly so we can take them to market quickly.

They have a great personality (and good looks) and quickly become used to human interaction and handling.

What more could you want from a sheep!

Midnight Suffolk Lamb